Southfield Capital’s current and former executive teams are the firm’s best references

The Partners believe the ideal management partner is motivated more by building a great business and longer-term financial rewards than the immediate payout from Southfield Capital’s investment. Southfield’s commitment to partnering is easy for prospective sellers to diligence. The Partners have collectively worked with hundreds of lower middle market executives on efforts ranging from implementing growth strategies and turnarounds to building out management teams and improving business processes.
I could not be more pleased with the decision we made to partner with the Southfield Team. Since day one, their actions have been completely consistent with their words and promises. They have been extremely supportive through both our successes and our challenges. They provide autonomy with day-to-day operations of the business, but they are a critical resource that we've come to lean on when it comes to strategic insights and opportunities. I'm proud to call Southfield our trusted partners, and also our friends, which has made our journey greater than ever. Daniel Egeland, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, BioPharm Communications
This collective “in the trenches” experience enables the Partners to judge who will make good business partners and determine how to most effectively work with them to achieve investment objectives. The Partners encourage sellers to talk with former and existing Southfield management teams about Southfield’s approach to investing and creating value, as well as the firm’s willingness to weather both good and bad times during the investment hold period.